Thursday, May 26, 2016

Kansan to Serve as Trump Political Director?

A Bloomberg reporter on Twitter suggests that Alan Cobb, I think yes, that Alan Cobb, may be tapped to serve as Donald Trump's political director.

Cobb has been working as consultant for Trump. (I wish you could see my face as I type those words, because it's a face of pain and suffering.)

Oh wait, it looks something like this:

Cobb once worked as an aide for Bob Dole. (Dole once criticized Trump, but then seemed to come around when it looked like Sen. Ted Cruz might get the nomination. I am still scratching my head as to why there seems to be a reporter stationed at Bob Dole's door at all times. Give the guy a rest already.) 

Cobb also served as the state director for Americans for Prosperity. He's also lobbied for Koch Industries. Easy there, libs. It's OK to work for the Kochs.

I am still debating whether it's acceptable to work for Trump. 

If tapped for the role, Cobb would replace Rick Wiley. I can't tell you anything about Wiley or the other folks rumored to be in consideration for the job -- Ken McKay or Ed Brookover.

Cobb's a nice enough guy, perhaps too nice to work for Trump. I don't know him well enough to know whether he would consider it selling a piece of his soul to work for Trump, but I can say without certainty, my conscience won't even allow me to vote for the guy. I think Cobb should take a hard pass. 

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Kitchen Is Too Hot for Wolf (Not that one. The OTHER one.)

Update: I was right. Wolf is retiring. The poor journalists who have to get quotes before writing are now filing their stories.

There are a lot of cooks in Kansas' kitchen. So many, that apparently it's boiling hot in the Kansas Legislature, and especially toasty in the Kansas Senate.

Sen. Garrett Love won't be sticking around. Michael O'Donnell is running for greener pastures, the county commission, and Sen. Jeff King is defecting.

Today, rumors abound that Sen. Kay Wolf is also jumping out of the frying pan that is the Kansas Senate. I can't find anywhere that her retirement has been announced, but Rep. Barbara Bollier is seeking that seat in the Senate. I can't imagine Bollier challenging Wolf. Wolf has already filed, and so has a Democrat, Jerry Stogsdill. (They're ALL running on a platform of kids going to school in Taj Mahal buildings with dozens of six figure administrators where every kid takes home an Ipad aren't getting enough money from your pocketbook. Blech.)

My Magic 8 Ball says Wolf will retire from the Kansas Senate. She's been there one term, but was in the house for several terms.

Rock Chalk Head Scratch

I’m embarrassed to report that Kansas universities are going the way of Missouri’s mega campus. No they’re not ramping up meth production, but Kansas public universities are taking a page from the social justice-y types. Shudder. Full stop.

Obviously, the most egregious of examples come from Rock Chalk University where a professor tweets that he hopes the sons and daughters of NRA members are murdered and keeps his job. He enjoyed the support of faculty, journalists, students. (As in the University of Missouri case where a professor was revealed to be an absolute lemming, the KU professor was, of course, a journalism professor. So yes, totally keep giving the journalists coming from Kansas schools complete access to the Statehouse and the Governor’s Office. They’ve been trained so well!) Over at Wheat Waving U, the faculty defended the professor who wanted to murder the children of people with whom he disagrees, but the faculty senate actually filed briefs suggesting that an economics professor not be given the same rights as other faculty. Art Hall, they said, shouldn’t have any rights to academic privacy—like all of the other liberal professors on campus—because Hall once worked for Koch Industries. I kid you not. The faculty went after the guy.

The Wheat Wavers most recently demanded that one of their own be fired. Andrea Quenette was canned last month for using the n-word in class. It’s important to note, she was using the word to admit her own shortcomings where race was concerned. The white woman was literally checking her privilege, but some of the special little snowflakes in her class felt micro-aggressed, so Quenette was placed on administrative leave and summarily fired at the end of the year. Quenette was a communications professor. (I’m seeing a pattern here. Maybe it’s time to close the communications schools at our state universities? I kid. Kind of.)

Partially in response to Quenette’s micro-aggressions and protests on campus in the fall of 2015, the University of Kansas issued a report from the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Advisory Group. Prepare to weep. I’ll hit a few of the highlights, but feel free to vomit on the entire 29-page report, here.

Here are just a few of the things KU plans to do to make the special little snowflakes feel warm and fuzzy:
  •  Recognize Indigenous People’s Day (I’ll have to check  my calendar. Is this a thing?)
  • Enhance efforts to provide general-neutral or all-gender restroom options campus wide
  • Recognize and support the effort to create the Multicultural Student Government (Because separate but equal has a glorious past in Kansas.)
  •  Place Student Senate under immediate review, and restructure student governance so that it functions in a more participatory, inclusive and representative manner.
  •  Actively include courses related to social justice,  inclusion, equity, and diversity
  •  Foster opportunities for mid-career faculty of color in the  areas of professional skills building, advancement,  pathways to promotion, and opportunities for leadership  and the department, school/college, and University levels (This suggestion so grieves me. It’s breathtakingly offensive. You see, faculty of color, you can’t advance unless the nice white people on campus give you a hand up.)
  •  Provide immediate cultural competency training for all staff and administrators with responsibility for official University social media accounts
  •  Constitute the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Advisory Council as an ongoing body, independent from, but directly advising the Chancellor and Provost.
  •  Develop and disseminate a comprehensive, and accessible, guide for where faculty, staff, and students can go with formal and informal grievances related to issues of inclusion in our University community.

And then these two gems related to guns. I’m still scratching my head trying to figure out what guns on campus has to do with diversity, inclusion, social justice, or the gender binary. Guns are a great equalizer, especially if you take the time to learn how to shoot one. But just for good measure, the privilegers at KU want your gun to feel excluded, I guess.

  • Establish a comprehensive policy to manage firearms and gun safety on campus, and adopt a campus safety plan for students and personnel in the event of an active shooter.
  •  As part of campus protocols regarding guns on campus, monitor and record Public Safety Office contact with visitors, students and personnel of color stemming from emergency calls.

And finally, there’s this:
  •  Provide financial support for the Asian and Asian-American Faculty Staff Council, Black Faculty and Staff Council, Latino Faculty and Staff Council, Native Faculty and Staff Council and the Sexuality and Gender Diversity Consortium.

Of course, the insane irony of all of this nonsense is that KU is a very diverse campus, where it appears minorities aren’t just welcomed but elevated to the highest positions of power and influence. 

Um. The school’s chancellor, Bernadette Gray-Little, is a black woman. The incoming Student Body President, Stephonn Alcorn, is black. If the highest positions on staff and in the student body of the University are held by minorities, how much more inclusive can the school get? I don’t even…

The whole thing is a train wreck, rolling down the tracks to exciting destinations like Lower Enrollment, Dumber College Students, and Shame on Our State! These are places I have no interest in visiting. They’re also places I have no desire to fund at levels above existing ones.

So, into this embarrassment of a public education institution, we come to cries from the Whining Whiners Who Whine about tuition increases and supposed state funding cuts. After the embarrassing year the state’s most vaunted higher learning institution just completed, I think Jayhawk U should count itself fortunate that the state provides a single cent of taxpayer money. I’m grieved that the Governor’s revised budget—which cut the amount of money the state PLANNED to give to state universities—increases funding by $1.5 million to public institutions. Only 2 of the 6 public universities received an actual cut over the previous year’s funding. Sadly, KU is getting about 1 percent more than it did last year, while K-State and Wichita State are facing actual cuts.

In the face of these so-called cuts, the universities are seeking tuition hikes. I’ll be honest: I’d probably tie tuition rates to areas of study. If you want to study something useless and stupid like women’s studies, the science of puppetry, or gender binary codes of justice or whatever, I’d probably charge more. A lot more. How does the state of Kansas benefit by having more puppetry experts in its ranks? And then I’d charge less for degrees that actually benefit the state. I keep hearing we’re short on computer scientists, all the STEM professions, the other majors of Star Trek fans. If taxpayers are going to subsidize public universities, we should get our money’s worth.

I’m an absolute advocate of public subsidized higher educational pursuits, but the educations being pursued at KU at this moment seem like a giant waste of my money. The university's constant demands for more cash, despite the fact that its faculty, staff, and students, should probably be in rubber rooms makes me feel so micro-agressed.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Wolf to Challenge Moran??

Chapman Rackaway spoke at the Wichita Pachyderm Club last Friday. Rackaway, a professor at Fort Hays State University, theorized that Milton Wolf will challenge Sen. Jerry Moran. Bob Weeks at Wichita Liberty has the audio here

Let me rewind to 2014's ugly blood letting. Wolf came dangerously close to unseating Roberts. Wolf lost by 8 percent, or 19,000 votes. That's impressive for a guy who has no elected office experience.

Wolf summarily shut down his campaign account at the end of 2015. His campaign spent $1.3 million in 2014. He'll need a war chest if he plans to take on Moran, who is sitting on millions, $3.2 million, according to Open Secrets

I have noticed that Wolf has gotten a bit more vocal on the Twitter and the Facebook. Moran's recent buffoonery certainly gives a candidate an opening. However, if it wasn't a wide enough opening for someone like Mike Pompeo -- which stay tuned on that front, I think I know what fell out of his closet that prevented him from running-- I have trouble believing that Wolf can capitalize on Moran's mistakes. 

Still, there's time. Wolf did receive ample support from several national organizations that may be itching for a fight.
The filing deadline is quickly approaching.

Too Hot in the Kitchen

Rep. Don Hill will not seek re-election, according to Twitter and Facebook posts from Don Hineman.

Hill, you'll recall, is a "moderate" who was tossed from a Kansas House committee, supposedly for his support for Medicaid expansion.

I have no other information, but those who do, feel free to email:

Democrats Beg RINOs to Register as Dems

The Kansas Democrats are hosting a huge drive to capture party members. By huge drive, I mean, they have a Facebook page. The JoCo Dems have a blog. They’ve made a video, and they’re sending Facebook messages to people they suspect lean left and begging them, BEGGING, to register as Democrats before June 1 to vote in the Democratic primary.

Some of the efforts may be part of a broader campaign. The Democrat National Committee is even having a drive asking people to share their stories of why they are Democrats. This seems odd and desperate to me -- like they’re trying to make people think they’re hip. Um. Not so much. (Feel free to compare the photos below for visual evidence.)

Kansas Dems. Doing Something.

Kansas Republicans. Posing with their second oldest member. (Bob Dole was unavailable.)

I’ve been digging for several hours and can’t find any decent information, but I *think* this new campaign begging left-leaners to register as Dems, rather than as Mods in red Kansas, is related to how the DNC funds and assists campaigns, candidates, and state parties. If the Dems don’t have enough registered voters, the party says, no funding or less funding, and the Kansas Dems lose delegates.

The Kansas Democratic Party is hurting, and for the last several cycles, its members have helped elect so-called moderate Republicans. That tide is about to turn in the wake of the Dems’ latest efforts, making this cycle one of the best opportunities for Kansas Republicans to elect more conservative Republicans in purple districts.

If you’re a conservative thinking about primarying a so-called moderate, I submit there will never be a greater opportunity than this election cycle. As the Kansas Donkey Party attempts to disengage its members from the Republican Party-- an effort I fully support, by the way-- conservatives have a real opportunity to win some light-pink districts as the Dems syphon voters back to their party.

As an aside, the registration deadline is quickly approaching. We’ll know a lot more about the upcoming election come June 1. However, I do not believe the ballot will be fully set on that date. Independent candidates have until Aug. 1 to file. In this wacky election cycle, I have a suspicion we’re going to see a few candidates who don’t identify with either major party on the ballot.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Elitist Reveals Desperation

I am planning on never having to write this guy's name again. Jay Sidie, the old white elitist the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee pulled from his Mission Hills mansion to run against Congressman Kevin Yoder, has shown his hand.

Sidie's grand scheme in his campaign to unseat Yoder is to tie Yoder to Gov. Sam Brownback. Friends, that's just desperation.

Other than being members of the same party, Brownback and Yoder have very, very little in common and very little overlap. When Brownback was in the state legislature the Kansas Secretary of Agriculture, Yoder wasn't even born yet. For the most part, when Brownback was in the Washington, Yoder was in the state legislature. When Brownback became Governor, Yoder was in Washington. 

I have scoured pages and pages of goofballs who constantly post photos of politicians on Facebook, and I can barely find moments in which the two men are even in the same room. Sidie may as well accuse Yoder of being in cahoots with everyone who has blue eyes. It's a real stretch. I'm not saying they don't like one another. I'm not saying they don't know one another. I am saying, however, that to try to paint Yoder with the Brownback brush is quite the Monet. 

"It's like a painting see? From far away, it's OK, but up close, it's a big old mess."

As the November election draws closer, that desperate attempt to make Yoder somehow unlikeable -- because he knows a guy-- is going to fail in ways that are going to be uncomfortable and embarrassing for everyone involved. It's that vapid.

And it clearly shows the Dems don't plan to run on policy in the Kansas 3rd. They plan to run on At Least He's Not Brownback. I'm pretty sure Paul Davis tried that a year and a half ago against actual Brownback and it was an epic, epic fail.