Thursday, July 24, 2014

Worried about Brownback

I fully intended to sit out the primary season. I thought I'd be back in the swing come Aug. 6. BUT I have reason to be concerned about Brownback's chances for securing a second term. 

I am worried that Brownback is about to be Kansas' version of one-termer George H.W. Bush.

Reports from the field are starting to roll in, and it's not looking good for Gov. Brownback. People on doorstops are willing to support conservative candidates, but they are very lukewarm, and often hostile, to the Governor. 

I don't know if that will spell disaster on Election Day, but if I were a member of Brownback's campaign staff, I'd be stepping up my efforts.

I'm not sure what's going on with that campaign. Other than several desperate emails a day requesting that I donate, I haven't seen hide nor hair of the Brownback campaign. I've seen approximately one sign, and I've been through much of the state in the past month. I've seen maybe one commercial -- I think run by some energy PAC. 

I haven't seen a whole lot of advertising or outreach from Paul Davis' campaign either. (I'm definitely not their target market, however, so I wouldn't expect to.) That said, the media is giving Davis about as much glowing press as he could possibly want. One national soccer training field and a visit from Rick Santorum isn't going to overcome all of Davis' positive free press. Some old fashioned door-to-door campaigning, a mailer and a few commercials might help.

Attention, Mark Dugan: There is a chance you could lose, and in my mind, if Brownback doesn't win by a healthy margin, that will be an embarrassment. Don't take the win for granted. This electorate is wonky.

And finally, I think there is definitely the possibility of an October surprise. I'm keeping my mouth shut for now. I am hearing some rumors, though. The rumors aren't enough to bring Brownback down, but if true, I think they would severely depress conservative turnout in the general.

When those rumors reach the ears of the Brownback campaign managers, they should take heed. Fix the problem before it becomes one.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Political Chips (Alex Poulter) NAILS it

I told myself months ago that I was going to lay off this blog until after the primary. Mostly, I didn't have anything nice to say.

And watching the rhetoric Kansas primary between Sen. Pat Roberts and Dr. Milton Wolf supporters was making me long for the good ol' days of the Moran vs. Tiahrt campaign.

But Alex Poulter has written a piece that's just too good to let pass without comment. Poulter calls it "Munchausen by Cochran."

There's THIS:

"The Republicans in this camp focus on "liking" individual people more so than the principles spelled out in the Platform.   Naturally, they "hate" or "despise" many of us who often use the Republican Party Platform to articulate positions against candidates they “like”."

I can't add much to what Poulter wrote. I'll just say this: I feel apathetic about politics right now. I feel hopeless. It isn't solely that we have a President and supporters who will stand by as the IRS uses its powers to abuse U.S. citizens. It isn't that this U.S. administration has opened the borders to anyone and everyone -- including Mexican drug cartels, and probably terrorist. Nor is it that after winning the war in Iraq, we've cut-and-run instead of maintaining the peace. It isn't that here in the U.S. response to us losing the peace is based solely on whose fault it is rather than on fixing the problem. It isn't that we are perfectly fine with leaving Americans behind while they are PAINTING targets on top of our Libyan embassy that being overrun by terrorist or that we allow our veterans to languish and actually die while awaiting services the American people promised to those who've already sacrificed so much. It isn't even that we exchanged a soldier who deserted and possibly aided and abetted the enemy for five terrorist known for things like beheading seven-year-olds.

No. The part that's led me to this point is that the Republican Party, which I truly decided might save the Republic, has decided to fight for the table scraps of power instead of working to right America's course.

I've had enough.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Opening in the Kansas Senate

There's going to be an opening in the Kansas Senate soon.

I am not sure who is leaving, but rumor has it one Senator is soon to be vaunted to a cherry appointment on the Kansas Corporation Commission.

The KCC has regulatory authority over energy companies operating in Kansas.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Yesterday's news

This is late. Patricia Lightner has entered the race for Johnson County Commission Chair.

She made it official last weekend, but for those keeping count, I mentioned it several months ago.

She will be a welcome addition to the Ed vs Ed Show. Added bonus: Her candidacy sparks an August primary.


Sometimes the wisest choice is just to shut.your.mouth.

Politicians are notoriously terrible at it, and Gov. Sam Brownback is no exception.

Our embarrassing Governor used his brief time on Fox News to bash Ted Cruz for not falling in line with the Establishment and for having the nerve to say what anyone who wasn't living in a box in the '90s has now figured out: Bob Dole really wasn't that great.  (See this, this, and this.)

Here's the 4-1-1.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Ha. Ha. Hahahahaha

Gov. Brownback isn't ruling out a run for the Presidency, according to Fox News.

I put his chances of ascending to the top office in the land at right around 0 percent.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Fitzgerald out

Steve Fitzgerald is NOT running for Congress. 

You'll recall he announced his campaign to replace Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins at the Kansas GOP Convention in Wichita last month.

The collective response was largely outrage, because how dare he run against a Republican incumbent, blah, blah, blah.

My response was largely, meh. Who cares? I always thought Jenkins' penchant for repeatedly standing next to the orangest man in Congress wasn't going to win her any favors, and Fitzgerald's short candidacy made my point.

I was kind of looking forward to the massive meltdowns from political insiders, but I'll still have plenty to chuckle about from the Roberts vs. Wolf campaign. (Today's latest meltdown involves comments Wolf made on Facebook in regards to pictures of x-rays of gunshot victims. The timing of the stories, on the heels of the New York Times' story about Roberts not living in Kansas, and not-so-great poll results, was questionable, but whatevs.)

Fitzgerald gives his reasons for not running in an email. Mostly, he says he is dropping out of the race because Congress restored cuts to veterans pensions. In his own words:

Things change:

     Large majorities of both parties in both houses voted to reverse the pension cuts and the President signed the bill last week. Frankly, this issue was a centerpiece of my campaign and it had been my intention to use it to support fund-raising from veterans nationwide. This unexpected reversal not only removed an important plank from my platform, it has severely reduced my ability to raise campaign funds.
     Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins has also issued a statement, which is SHOWN BELOW and is on her website:
     In this, she states she does not support amnesty or a pathway to citizenship that will benefit those who came here illegally at the expense of those who followed the law. This is in clear opposition to the Speaker of the House. As the fifth ranking member of Republican Leadership in the House this is significant - even though the Congresswoman has a good voting record on illegal immigration - such public opposition (widely shared by other members of the caucus) makes unlikely any deal prior to the elections in November. This removes the other plank from my platform.