Monday, August 31, 2015

Youth being young and simple

I wrote this post once and deleted it. It was a touch too mean to the Kansas Federation of College Republicans. (BTW, is this a new thing? I don't think this was a thing when I was in college.)

So, the Kansas Federation of Young Republicans was hoping to get their names in the newspaper -- err, in the Huffington Post -- and so they used the time-honored Republican tradition of adopting a leftist cause in order to secure some media time. 

As usual, it worked like a charm. It's the same media prowess used by Nancy Kassebaum, the backstabber former Representative and the Republicans for Common Sense.  Whenever they want to make a desperate cry for relevance, they run to the nearest newspaper/radio/television office or studio and talk about how the Republicans have gone too far right on <insert issue here>.

So, the young Republicans have chosen their battle: the death penalty. In a unanimous vote, the youngsters have passed a resolution calling for the repeal of the death penalty.

It smacks of youth, being well, naive youthful. 

As an aside, I am personally opposed to the death penalty. I believe judgments on life and death belong to God. However, and this is where the youth have things all messed up, the death penalty is a bad priority.

 It's difficult for me to waste my time and resources on people who have committed murder when there are actual innocents by the thousands being slaughtered each day in abortion clinics. Did the young GOPers also pass a resolution seeking to end federal funding to Planned Parenthood?

And if caring for prisoners is of such high priority, why aren't they calling for improvements to our prisons themselves? It is an abomination that rape frequently occurs in prisons so much so that it is the norm and expected. That's unacceptable. 

The youngsters who voted on this resolution didn't think very deeply about the topic at hand. This, by the way, is typically how liberals think. They think-- everyone should have health insurance, but then they don't take it one step further and ask who is going to pay for it or they don't think about the reality that health insurance doesn't necessarily mean healthcare. 

There really is no such thing as life in prison. Some liberal bleeding heart always comes along and advocates for letting the bad guys out of jail. (See Tookie.) I absolutely believe in the redemption, even for people who have done the worst things imaginable, but once you've killed another human in cold blood, you've abdicated your right to ever walk among the rest of us again. Until there is a way to absolutely ensure that no liberal is going to just start letting murderers out of jail (for a quick weekend, ahem, Dukakis) or for good, I can't in good conscience make repealing the death penalty a priority.

Youth gotta youth, I guess, but the adults don't have to listen.

Swinging some questions around about Harold Lane

I did some asking around today about state Rep. Harold Lane. Lane, you'll recall -- or maybe you won't because it's barely been reported -- is the Democratic state representative who has an account on Ashley Madison, the adultery-seeking match making service.

The Cap-J discovered that Lane had account there, and then proceeded to ask Lane hard-hitting questions like, what's your favorite color? Do you like puppies? Do you sometimes use your state email address to swap forwards with your friends?

It was an awful story, in which the Cap J kind of mentioned off-hand Lane's Ashley Madison account so they could write an entire story about how people with state email addresses aren't supposed to be using them to cheat on their spouses. (Shame on Brownback for not policing state email addresses, better?? I think that was the point of the story.)

So I asked around. I was curious, was anyone surprised that Lane, married 42 years, was actively seeking a mistress? I got the same answer over and over and over again. Nope. 

And they shared another rumor that is just too salacious to share here.  Absolutely no one was surprised that Lane was looking to fill his dance card with another woman.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Head scratching Steve Rose column

Steve Rose has a head-scratching column in the Kansas City Star, in which he laps backhanded praise on Gov. Sam Brownback.

In the column, Rose basically writes: Some people like Gov. Brownback and think he's doing a good job. Jury's still out, but I am going to take five minutes away from my liberal boot-licking schedule to mention it.

I don't get the column. Is it a desperate cry for relevance? Is Rose hoping to get a gig with Brownback if Brownback lands his own dream job of federal cabinet member Secretary of Whatever is Available? 

Color me confused. 

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Democratic state rep loves Ashley (Madison)

So a Democratic state lawmaker was seeking kicks on Ashley Madison, the adultery website.

I, for one, am shocked that there's a cheating Democrat in Kansas. Just kidding. 

Harold Lane represents Topeka in the Kansas House. He's been married (unhappily?) for 42 years.

He admits that the email address on the Ashley Madison website is his, but says he just doesn't ever remember visiting that site. 

Yeah right.

You know if Lane were a Republican, there would be NO escaping this story. You'd turn on KCTV 5 and it'd be non-stop coverage. The Lawrence Journal-World would track down his wife and children and publicly shame them. There would be hourly calls for his resignation.

But since Lane is a Democrat, the Topeka Cap-J wrote one lonely story, which somehow managed to drag Brownback public affairs people through the gutter. Typical.

So a Rock Chalk Hypocrite Walks into a Bar

If Art Hall can't hide his emails in a quest for academic freedom, then that guy who wants to shoot the children of NRA activists shouldn't be allowed to either. 

You remember David Guth, right? The crazy-eyed University of Kansas journalism professor who tweeted about killing the kids of NRA members? 

He was loudly celebrated by KU faculty and insane liberals everywhere. He was briefly suspended. He didn't lose his job. I don't even think he lost any pay. It's only a matter of time before Rolling Stone or some other respected media outlet tabloid offers him an award.

Alas, there's a horrible double standard in academia. Your rights to freedom of speech and academic freedom depend on what you say. A group of faculty members says Art Hall, a business professor and former Koch economic advisor, doesn't deserve the same academic freedom to his own emails as other professors.

A liberal student group, Students for a Sustainable Future, made an open records request for some of Professor Hall's emails.  (This open records request, if granted, would likely have required printing copious amounts of emails on dead tree. Appalling.) Anyway, professor's emails are sometimes protected from open records requests because of academic freedom. (Or something. Seriously, there's a loophole to keep every kind of communication in the dark. Just ask Hilary Clinton.) Hall sued the university saying his emails should be protected, and a group of professors jumped to the student group's defense. 

Oh, this academic group of ninnies couches its objections to Hall's emails remaining private by calling Hall an administrator and not a professor. It's intellectually dishonest, but what's really important to this faculty group is that Art Hall, a conservative, doesn't receive the same rights and defenses as liberal faculty. That's the bottom line here.

There's a double standard in academia, and having the "wrong" opinion will be punished whenever, wherever and however possible. 

The Hall case was to be tried in November, but Hall and Students for Making Life a Living Hell for Conservatives settled on Friday. Under terms of the agreement, Hall released about a dozen emails and the SMLLHC were to withdraw the open records request.

Any parent considering sending their child to the Wheat Waving School of Liberal Indoctrination should carefully consider how impressionable their child is before allowing him or her to set foot in Lawrence. If your child isn't able to listen to continual, non-stop liberal craziness without being brainwashed, send him or here elsewhere.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Gross, K.Yo.

Rep. Kevin Yoder is going to host an event with Yasmina Vinci, the Executive Director of the National Head Start Association,  community leaders and local parents.

"As a vocal advocate for the Head Start Program, Representative Yoder invited Ms. Vinci to the Third District to see firsthand how the program benefits local children and to work on solutions to ensure Head Start remains effective and viable for another 50 years," the announcement reads.

Ew, K.Yo. Gross.

Since 1965, U.S. taxpayers have dumped more than $180 million billion into Head Start programs. And you know what we have to show for it?

Well, Head Start gave K.Yo an award that the Congressman insists on bragging about. Other than that? Crickets.

Head Start has notoriously wasted billions. The program, which was designed to give pre-kindergarten students a "head start" on education has had little or no impact on the "cognitive, emotional, health or parenting practice of participants." What little educational outcome gains the program achieves are erased by the second half of first grade, according to a report released in 2012.

So, Head Start and K.Yo will meet and discuss the glamorous goal of giving children a head start on government indoctrination. The Early Childhood Education Community Forum on Aug. 31 starts at 9:15 a.m. The barf-inducing event will be at the Growing Futures Early Education Center, 8155 Santa Fe Drive in Overland Park.

Meanwhile, as K.Yo's press people were announcing his event, the Kansas Policy Institute released its response to a Garden City Telegram opinion piece pining for universal preschool for all Kansas 4-year-olds. 

Why stop at sending kids to indoctrination camps at 4 years-old? Why not at 3 years? Six months? Universal access to professional potty training? 

KPI notes that Oklahoma, where kids suffer in universal preschool, has not seen positive results from its "experiment" on Sooner State children. 

Please, K.Yo, let's stop pandering to the slobbering masses and make decisions based on results -- not emotion. This Yoder event: Yuck. Yuck. Yuck.

PP research draws obvious, irrelevant conclusion

So Planned Parenthood has issued a scathing letter and report to the members of Congress saying a study that PP commissioned determined the Center for Medical Progress videos were intended to "smear" Planned Parenthood.

Did PP U.S. taxpayers actually pay for that study?

Of course the videos were intended to "smear" Planned Parenthood. The organization's primary role is barbaric. The video -- and I don't care how it's "edited" -- clearly shows Planned Parenthood technicians sifting through body parts and laughing about a baby human, a boy. 

Not one person has claimed that what the videos show did not actually occur. No, everything in the videos actually occurred. Every rotten, ill-conceived word out of every Planned Parenthood operative's mouth was actually said. It was not taken out of context, though I will fully admit -- no study needed -- that there is some dark and haunting background music in the videos. There are cuts away from some of the vulgarities to show text of federal laws, which make the suggestion that Planned Parenthood is doing something illegal.

Here's the thing: I don't care whether it's technically or actually legal. It's disgusting and vulgar and unconscionable. If it isn't already illegal, it should be. Oh, and I WOULD RATHER NOT PAY FOR IT. I would also like to not pay for stupid, pointless studies on PP's behalf.